Without a doubt, one of the more intriguing booths at the 2023 Premium Cigar Association Trade Show was C.L.E. Cigar Company. In the past, when going to the C.L.E. booth, one could look forward to new releases featuring Authentic Corojo under C.L.E. and Eiroa and large ring gauge offerings from Asylum. But 2023 was very different. This year we saw a trio of PCA Exclusive Cigars highlighted by tobacco from C.L.E.’s “South American” farm and some new Asylum “aromatic lines using exotic tobacco.” This made for one of the more interesting booths at the PCA Trade Show.

When it comes to the PCA Exclusive Series, one could say C.L.E. has done one of the better jobs at creating releases that will stir up interest. While not much is disclosed about C.L.E.’s South American farm and tobaccos, it does make for something different. C.L.E. is also the first company to release three different PCA Exclusive cigars.

For the first time, there is a C.L.E. branded PCA Exclusive. The C.L.E. PCA Exclusive 2023 features a Connecticut Shade wrapper and tobacco from the South American farm for binder and filler.

The Eiroa PCA Exclusive 2023 marks the third year in a row there has been an Eiroa brand exclusive. This features Authentic Corojo tobacco and tobacco from the South American farm for the binder and filler.

The third of the C.L.E. PCA Exclusives is the Asylum PCA Exclusive 2023. It is also the third year in a row there has been an Asylum branded PCA Exclusive. Other than a Maduro wrapper and the fact the South American tobaccos are used for binder and filer – not much known is known.

All three PCA Exclusive releases are offered in the same four sizes with the same pricing. They are also all offered 20-count boxes and a total of 3,000 cigars (150 boxes) per vitola per line. The four sizes: 50 x 5 (SRP $17.00), 11/18 (SRP $18.00), 52 x 6 (SRP $18.00), and 60 x 6 (SRP $19.00). In addition, as with the past PCA Exclusive release, the lids of the 2023 PCA Exclusive double as an ashtray.

C.L.E. also showcased the Asylum 867 line. The Asylum 867 is a line described by C.L.E. as a series of cigars that provide “aromatic smoking experiences using exotic tobacco.” This was a line previously known as the Deadwood Tobacco Co. Chasing the Dragon line, which was being sold through C.L.E. earlier this year. Currently, Drew Estate and Deadwood are in a trademark dispute over the use of the Deadwood name, but C.L.E decided to rebrand the line and sell it as Asylum 867. There are three blends: Auntie, Midnight Oil, and Zero –  which remain the same as the Deadwood lines. Each of these comes in 20-count boxes.

Photo Credit: C.L.E. Cigar Company

The following are the sizes and prices of the three Asylum 867 lines:


  • Corona 46 X 5; MSRP $9.50
  • Petite Corona 44 X 5; MSRP $9.50
  • Auntie Lancero 38 X 7; MSRP $11.00

Midnight Oil

  • The 54: 54 x 6; MSRP $12.00
  • The 60: 60 X 6; MSRP $12.50
  • The 70: 70 x 7; MSRP $14.00


  • Robusto 50 x 5; MSRP $ 10.50
  • Toro 50 X 6; MSRP $11.00
  • Churchill 48 X 7; MSRP $11.50

Meanwhile, C.L.E. announced the Asylum 13 Cool Brew. This is another brand delivering “aromatic smoking experiences using exotic tobacco.” “aromatic smoking experiences using exotic tobacco.”

At the 2022 PCA Trade Show, C.L.E. started previewing the Asylum Eleven anniversary cigar, which was planned for a 2023 release to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the Asylum brand. C.L.E. has done the same thing this year with the Asylum Twelve Cigar. The Asylum Twelve is planned for a 2024 release, but it was previewed at this year’s PCA Trade Show. Interestingly enough, the Asylum Eleven still has to ship to retailers.

The series debuted in 2019 with Asylum Seven to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the Asylum brand. The series was intended to offer a more premium offering for large ring gauge cigar enthusiasts. Since then, there has been an annual release to commemorate the brand’s anniversary. Blend details for the Asylum Twelve have not been released (but Eiroa did hint there was South American tobacco being included in this blend), but it will come in the same sizes as the previous year: (11/18, $21.60/cigar); and 70 x 7 (SRP $26.00). Each individual cigar is housed in a coffin and the coffins are packaged 20 per box.

Photo Credit: C.L.E. Cigar Company

While it didn’t make its debut at the Trade Show floor, there was an after-hours 51st birthday party for Christian Eiroa where he was presented with a 50 x 10 sized Eiroa CBT cigar known as the Eiroa CBT 51. It’s the second year in a row a 50 x 10 birthday cigar was released. Last year the Eiroa 50/10 was also released at an after-hours party at PCA that commemorated both the 50th birthday of Christian Eiroa and the 10th anniversary of C.L.E. Cigar Company. A limited run of the cigars will be available to retailers. The Eiroa CBT 51 will be packaged in 9-count boxes with each cigar priced at $30.40.

Photo Credit: C.L.E. Cigar Company

Interview with Christian Eiroa, President and Founder of C.L.E. Cigar Company

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Update 7/25/23: We updated this story to include the Eiroa CBT 51