“I consider Todos Las Dias to be some of Saka’s finest work. The Mas Fuerte is an excellent offshoot of the original blend.”

Todos Las Dias Mas Fuerte Thick Lonsdale by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust


Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Factory: Fábrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua, S.A.
Thick Lonsdale: 6 x 46
Price: $11.95
Review: Todos Las Dias Thick Lonsdale Mas Fuerte by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust (1/24/19)
Appearances on Countdown (By Year/Brand): 5 (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Coming in at #27 is the Todos Las Dias Thick Lonsdale Mas Fuerte by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. This is a classic case of making lemonade out of lemons. According to Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust owner Steve Saka, when he was developing the Todos Las Dias line, he had two blends consisting of the same core tobaccos but with different proportions. Ultimately he went with one blend. However, when it came to adding the Thick Lonsdale, Saka said he inadvertently gave the second blend to the factory. This second blend was a stronger blend than the original blend.. The cigars went into production and Saka has said he didn’t know it was the wrong blend until he smoked it. Ultimately, he went ahead and released the cigar as the Todos Las Dias Mas Fuerte Thick Lonsdale. That cigar made its debut at the 2018 IPCPR Trade Show.

Like the original Todos Las Dias line, the Mas Fuerte Thick Lonsdale uses 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos. Production is handled out of the Joya de Nicaragua factory (with the rest of the Todos Las Dias line). The name Thick Lonsdale is appropriate as the cigar measures 6 x 46 – putting it actually in the Corona Gorda range.

Saka launched Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust in 2015 and every year has landed on the Cigar Coop Countdown. With the Todos Las Dias Mas Fuerte Thick Lonsdale, it gives Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust five consecutive appearances on the Countdown. It’s also the second time a cigar from the Todos Las Dias line has landed on the Countdown as the Todos Las Dias Double Wide Belicoso landed on the 2017 edition.

The Todos Las Dias Mas Fuerte Thick Lonsdale delivers a flavor profile of natural tobacco, cocoa, citrus, dark fruit, and the signature chili pepper spice Todos Las Dias is associated with. There is a nice amount of flavor transitions and flavor nuances along the way. While the flavors of the Mas Fuerte were in the wheelhouse of the original line, this was a cigar that still told its own story. This is a cigar that starts out medium to full in strength and body becoming full strength, full-bodied in the second half. While it’s a bolder cigar, I still found the intensity levels of the Mas Fuerte Thick Lonsdale to be similar to what’s offered in the core line.

Todos Las Dias Mas Fuerte Thick Lonsdale delivers great flavor, a nice amount of complexity, and excellent construction. It continues Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust’s excellent track record of quality smokes and thus is a worthy entry to this year’s Countdown.


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Photo Credit: Cigar Coop