2023 Small/Medium Company of the Year

Tatuaje Cigars wins the Prime Time Award for 2023 Small/Medium Company of the Year. This award factors in innovation, continued quality, and impact on the industry coming out of a small or medium-sized company. This was one of the more competitive categories in this year’s awards.

It was quite a special year for Tatuaje Cigars as the company celebrated its 20th anniversary. There were several releases surrounding the 20th anniversary instead of a single release. What perhaps was most interesting was that Tatuaje rolled out anniversary releases through both regular production and limited releases. Tatuaje accomplished this through releases out of  Estelí, Nicaragua and Miami, Florida. In addition, there were releases for L’Atelier and Surrogates. Let’s not forget that in 2023, Tatuaje released cigars for the TAA and PCA. Finally, let’s not forget the re-release of Tatuaje’s The Face. All of this contributed to the decision to award Tatuaje the Small/Medium Company of the Year award.

Over the years, Tatuaje has amassed quite a portfolio of brands. Owner Pete Johnson has said it all comes back to the first line, Tatuaje Brown Label. Not only was it noted that Brown Label was performing better than ever, but Johnson and the company remained excited and enthusiastic about Brown Label. This is an incredible achievement for a line that is 20 years old.

Tatuaje Cigars appeared on the ballots submitted by all five team members participating in voting for this award.

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