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Cigar Industry Report: Volume 6, Number 43 (Edition 244 9/16/17)

Feature of the Week: Hurricane Irma Impacts Cigar Industry

Hurricane Irma had impacts in the cigar countries of the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and the State of Florida in the U.S. We summarize the details here.

Feature of the Week: House of Representatives Passes Appropriations Bill Containing Language for Premium Cigar Exemption and Predicate Date Change

For the first time, a vote in Congress has included language for a Premium Cigar Exemption and Predicate Date Change in regards to the FDA Deeming Rule. This was a part of the Appropriations package that will fund the government for Fiscal Year 2018. It’s not a done deal, and there still is a challenging road ahead. We recap the details here.

We also did a feature story discussing the what has to happen next and what this would mean if passed.

IPCPR 2017 Reports

We are in the final stages of our IPCPR post-show coverage. Be sure to follow our 2017 IPCPR Digest for our full coverage.

This week we had the following feature stories:

This week we also filed the following reports:

Other News


Agile Cigar Reviews

Legislative News

  • House of Representatives: H.R. 564 is a proposed piece of legislation that calls for an exemption from FDA Regulation for premium handmade cigars. This week no new co-sponsors were added. The total number of sponsors is now 123.
  • U.S. SenateS.294 is the Senate companion bill to H.R. 564.This week no new co-sponsors were added. The total number of sponsors remains at 16.
  • House Bill 1136: H.R. 1136 is the legislation to change the Grandfather Date for Deeming Tobacco products subject to FDA Regulation from February 15, 2017, to 21 days after enactment of the regulations. This week one new co-sponsor, Ted Yoho [R-Florida] was added. The total number of sponsors is now 87.

Cigar Coop Coffee Collection

Reminder, we have partnered with Layne Coffee to offer two unique coffee blends. We have the details here. You can also order your coffee here.

Prime Time Show

Programming Note: As many know we had Willy Herrera, Master Blender of Drew Estate scheduled. While we did have the show confirmed earlier in the day, the after-effects of the recent hurricane in Miami caused Willy to have to cancel last-minute. We understand the challenges this storm has had, and we will work to get Willy rescheduled. We thank our audience for their patience.

This week, we welcomed Nate McIntyre of Miami Cigar and Company on Episode 21 . We kicked off the show talking a little hurricane talk as well as the recent vote by the House of Representatives passing an Appropriations Bill that includes a premium cigar exemption. Our Debonaire Ideal segment also “Talks about the Weather” and in our deliberation Segment, we talk about discontinued cigar brands.

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Upcoming Schedule (Subject to Change)

Episode 22 (9/21/17): Ryan Frailing, Island Lifestyle Importers
Episode 23 (9/28/17): TBD
Episode 24 (10/5/17): Enrique Seijas, Matilde Cigars
Episode 25 (10/12/17): TBD
Episode 26 (10/19/17): Juan Martinez, Joya de Nicaragua
Episode 27 (10/26/17): Fabien Ziegler, Drew Estate

Special Edition #12 (9/19/17): The HK Era at Davidoff
Special Edition #13 (9/26/17): Debonaire Ideal with Phil Zanghi

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