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Cigar Industry Report: Volume 5, Number 20 (Edition 169 4/9/16)

Feature of the Week: A.J. Fernandez Launches Portfolio Series with Last Call

A.J. Fernandez Cigars will release the first cigar in a line called the Portfolio Series called Last Call. The Portfolio Series will be a series of personal and experimental blends that Master Blender A.J. Fernandez has worked on over past years. In the case of the Last Call, this was a cigar that started out as a personal blend for A.J. Fernandez that he handed at the end of NFL Football games when he had guests over his house.  Last Call will be released in a one size – a 4 1/2 x 48 vitola called Geniales and will be a brick and mortar exclusive.

News and Previews 

Legislative News

  • Senate Bill S. 441: S. 441 is the Senate Bill to gain an exemption from the FDA on premium cigars. This week, no new co-sponsors were added.  The total sponsor count remains at 21.
  • House Bill HR 662: H.R. 662 is House Bill to gain an exemption from the FDA on premium cigars. This week no new co-sponors signed on. The total number of sponsors remains at 162.
  • House Bill 2058:  H.R. 2058 is the House Bill to change the effective date for cigars subject to FDA regulation from 2007 to 21 months following any proposed regulations are put into effect. This week, no new co-sponsors signed on The total number of sponsors remains at 52.
  • Vermont: The State House voted to gradually raise the Smoking Age to 21.  The measure now goes to the Senate.


Agile Cigar Reviews

Stogie Geeks

For Episode 181 we welcomed Les Mann of Colibri to our studio. Our Debonaire Ideal segment was on Figurados and we had our Smokes of the Week which included:

We published Episode 180 – which included:

Our Throwback Feature is from Episode 37 on Rare Cigars.

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