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Cigar Industry Report: Volume 6, Number 26 (Edition 227 5/20/17)

Feature of the Week: Cigar Coop Launches Third Brand with Prime Time Special Edition

This week we announced and launched our third brand under Cigar Coop with the launch of Prime Time Special Edition.

Cigar Coop Special Edition will introduce a series of podcasts that will allow us to have another avenue outside the framework of the Cigar Coop Prime Time Show. The content will be a combination of live programming and on-demand recordings. Content will include additional interviews as well as panel discussions and feature stories. While the Cigar Coop Prime Time Show follows a set framework with our Interviews, Debonaire Ideal, and Deliberation Segments, Prime Time Special Edition will allow for us to change up the framework from episode to episode. We will also feature a variety of guest hosts.

It will also be a place where we can present interviews we have recorded outside of the studio at events, festivals, etc. For studio broadcasts, we will continue to leverage our Serino Cigar Company studio.

Special Edition #1 aired this Tuesday with our special guest co-host Bear Duplisea. We discussed Cigar Hall of Famers and talked some FDA!!

Feature of the Week: Altadis USA to Distribute Boutique Blends and Bring Rafael Nodal On Board

This week came blockbuster news that Altadis USA would distribute Boutique Blends Cigars. As a part of the arrangement, co-owner Rafael Nodal will also be directly joining Altadis USA. This weekend on the Smooth Draws Radio Show, Rafael Nodal will be a special guest. For details of the arrangement, click here.

News Recap

Legislative News

  • House of Representatives: H.R. 564 is a proposed piece of legislation that calls for an exemption from FDA Regulation for premium handmade cigars. This week their new co-sponsors were added including Vern Buchanan [R-Florida], Jeff Duncan [R-South Carolina], and Paul Mitchell [R-Michigan] The total number of sponsors is now 106.
  • U.S. SenateS.294 is the Senate companion bill to H.R. 564. This week no new co-sponsors signed on. The total number of sponsors remains at 15.
  • House Bill 1136: H.R. 1136 is the legislation to change the Grandfather Date for Deeming Tobacco products subject to FDA Regulation from February 15, 2017 to 21 days after enactment of the regulations. This week four new co-sponsors were added, including Kurt Schrader [D-Oregon], Daniel Donovan[R-New York], Bill Johnson [R-Ohio], and Bob Goodlatte [R-Virginia]. The total sponsor count is now 62.
  • Philippines: A widespread smoking ban is going into effect in July.


Agile Cigar Reviews

Feature Story

This week we published a feature story called “A Visit to the JRE Tobacco Company Operations: Part 2-The Agriculture and Curing Operations

Prime Time Show

For Episode 6, Fred Rewey from Nomad Cigar Company was our special guest. We were also joined by special guest host John Reiner. In addition to talking tobacco with Fred, we talked bacon and deliberated on Boutiques.

Our show is available on YouTube, Podbean, iTunes, Tune In Radio, and Google Play.

Upcoming Schedule (Subject to Change)

Episode 7 (5/25/17): Enrique Sanchez Icaza, 1502 Cigars
Episode 8 (6/1/17): James Brown, Black Label Trading Co / Black Works Studio
Episode 9 (6/8/17): Riste Riatevski, JSK Cigars, Tom Person (Special Co-Host)
Episode 10 (6/15/17): Bryan Mussard, Cattle Baron Cigars
Episode 11 (6/22/17): Claudio Sgroi, Mombacho Cigars
Episode 12 (6/29/17): Juan Cancel and Bill Ives, Cubariqueño Cigar Company

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