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Cigar Industry Report: Volume 6, Number 34 (Edition 235 7/15/17)

Feature of the Week: IPCPR 2017 Takes Place July 10-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada

We at Cigar Coop just completed coverage of the 2017 IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas. Stay tuned, as we will have post-game coverage throughout the next few weeks giving you the most comprehensive product coverage in the industry. Be sure to follow our 2017 IPCPR Digest.

IPCPR 2017 Reports

Prior to the show, we published our Pre-Game report series.

This week we filed the following reports:

Other News

Legislative News

  • House of Representatives: H.R. 564 is a proposed piece of legislation that calls for an exemption from FDA Regulation for premium handmade cigars. This week two new co-sponsors: Walter Jones [R-North Carolina] and David Castoff  [R-Tennessee[ were added. The total number of sponsors is now 120.
  • U.S. SenateS.294 is the Senate companion bill to H.R. 564. This week no new co-sponsors were added. The total number of sponsors remains at 16.
  • House Bill 1136: H.R. 1136 is the legislation to change the Grandfather Date for Deeming Tobacco products subject to FDA Regulation from February 15, 2017, to 21 days after enactment of the regulations. This week there are two new co-sponsors: Glenn Thompson [R-Pennsylvania] and Paul Mitchell [R-Michigan]. The total number of sponsors is now 79.
  • FDA: Language for a premium cigar exemption and predicate date made it into the final House Agriculture Appropriations Bill.

Prime Time Show

No shows were held this week.

Prime Time Schedule

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Upcoming Schedule (Subject to Change)

IPCPR Trade Show 7/10-7/14/17 – No Shows

Episode 14 (7/20/17): Tim Cavenagh and Justin Gao Mathson Hansen, Alpha Cigar Company

Special Edition #7 (7/21/17): TBD
Episode 15 (7/27/17): Paul Stulac, Paul Stulac Cigars
Episode 16 (8/3/17): Bryan Mussard, Cattle Baron Cigars

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