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Cigar Industry Report: Edition 318 (2/23/19)

Feature of the Week: Festival del Habano and ProCigar Events Held

This week saw two of the cigar industry’s bigger festivals, Cuba’s Festival del Habano and the Dominican Republic’s ProCigar. The XXI Festival de Habano saw many new products unveiled. We reported on the some the stories with more reports to follow next week.

News and Previews

Legislative News

  • U.S. Senate: S.9 is a proposed piece of legislation that calls for an exemption from FDA Regulation for premium handmade cigars. This week no new co-sponsors were added. The total number of sponsors is at 11.
  • FDA: The Cigar Trade Associations officially filed an appeal in the lawsuit against the FDA. We will have a further breakdown of things this coming week
  • Arkansas: A bill has been introduced that would raise the tobacco purchase age to 21.
  • Oklahoma: A bill has been introduced that would remove exemptions under the Oklahoma Workplace Clean Air Act. This bill would also remove the exemption for cigar bars.
  • Oregon: A bill has been introduced that would increase the tax rate on cigars. This would remove the tax cap and tax cigars at 65% of the wholesale rate.
  • Virginia: Governor Ralph Northam has signed a bill into law that would raise the tobacco purchase age in the state to 21.


Agile Cigar Reviews

Prime Time Show

This week for Episode 85 we welcomed Zev Kaminetsky of Royal Agio Cigars as our special guest. We discussed the positives of airport travel inner Debonaire Ideal segment. Finally in our Deliberation Segment hit some miscellaneous industry topics.

Prime Time Special Edition

For Special Edition #48, our topic was “The Midas Touch”. Plus we discussed the Tobacco Business awards.


Prime Time

Episode 85 (2/28/19): Sam Leccia

Prime Time Special Edition

Special Edition #49 (3/4/19): Festival del Habano Recap w/ Nick Syris

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