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Cigar Industry Report: Edition 426 (3/27/21)


The Headlines

Prime Time Jukebox 2021 Dedications Show Requests Being Taken

Prime Time Jukebox is bringing the Dedications Show concept over from Cigar Jukebox. We are asking our audience to submit requests for loved ones who have passed away.

To submit a dedication, please submit an email with 1) The song; 2) Who the song is dedicated to; 3) Any thoughts on the person being remembered and/or why you are picking the song. Emails can be sent to

The dedications have be extended to April 1. We will air the show April 5th.

As always, a tradition to the Dedications Show is to light up a Las Calaveras Cigar by Crowned Heads.

InterTabac 2021 Cancelled

In a surprise announcement, this week came word that the InterTabac 2021 Trade Show scheduled to open in Dortmund, Germany in September has been cancelled. We have the details here.

2021 TAA Exclusive Series

The Tobacconists’ Association of America (TAA) has announced the list of its 2021 TAA Exclusive Series. As always the details of the releases trickle out in various ways. This week we saw the details of some of the installments include:


Smokin Tabacco Cigar Family Charitable Foundation Fundraiser

See Smokin Tabacco’s one year anniversary fundraiser for the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation.

The News

Product Coverage

Other News

Legislative News

  • North Dakota: HB1152 has been defeated by the Senate. This bill had been previously passed by the State House and included an exemption to the state’s indoor smoking ban for cigar bars.
  • Michigan: The State’s Mask Mandate that applied to cigar lounges has been relaxed.
  • U.S. Senate: S.438 is a proposed piece of legislation that calls for an exemption from FDA Regulation for premium handmade cigars. This week no new co-sponsors were added. The total number of sponsors remains at nine.

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3/30: Prime Time Special Edition: The Baseball Show – 2021 Edition
4/1: Prime Time Episode 181: The Name Council – Session #1
4/5: Prime Time Jukebox Episode 34: The 2021 Dedications Show

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