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Cigar Industry Report: Edition 451 (9/18/21)


The Headlines

Swedish Match Announces Intent to Leave Cigar Business.

Swedish Match has announced it is exiting the cigar business. The company has announced it intends to separate its cigar business into a spin-off company and completely get out of the business of manufacturing combustible tobacco products. The move is expected to be completed by the second half of 2022 as it will require various regulatory approvals.The move includes brands such as Garcia y Vega, White Owl, and Game.

We’ve got the details here.

96 Billion Dollar Tobacco Tax Increase Proposed in Congress

Over the past couple of weeks, various committees in the House of Representatives have been marking up a huge bill known as the Build Back Better Act. This is a human infrastructure plan that includes parts of President Biden’s American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan. One committee that is doing markups is the House Ways & Means Committee which is looking at various revenue sources to fund this bill. One thing that the committee has put into the bill was a $96 billion dollar tobacco tax increase that would most likely affect premium cigars.

We’ve got the details here.


The News

Summer of ’21 Reports

These are focused on companies that did not attend the 2021 Trade Show, but still had summer releases.

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Legislative News

  • House of Representatives: HR 3982 is a proposed piece of legislation that calls for an exemption from FDA Regulation for premium handmade cigars. This week Don Young [R-AK] and Kurt Schreader [D-OR] signed on as a co-sponsors.The total number of sponsors is now at 34.
  • U.S. Senate: S.438 is a proposed piece of legislation that calls for an exemption from FDA Regulation for premium handmade cigars. This week no new co-sponsors were added. The total number of sponsors remains at nine.

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