For the seventh consecutive year, the Cigar Coop brand will be providing coverage of the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) Association Trade Show and Convention. For the past four years we have brought to you our multi-part preview series on what to expect from the show.

Last year, we streamlined the series from seven parts to five. This year, we have streamlined it a little more and will have a four part series. As we stated last year, streamlined does not mean less coverage.  We are still committed to delivering more coverage than ever – and this will be done through our on-going product reports.

Here is our look at the trade show and what to expect from the various companies and brands. Covering the trade show is not easy. We would like to thank those companies and brands that proactively have reached out to us providing either formal or informal press information. These companies are denoted with a ♦.

Debonaire ♦: A Corona line extension called Cornus is coming to the Debonaire Habano and Debonaire Maduro lines.

De Los Reyes ♦: The new Saga Short Tales series will be highlighted. The company also entered into a strategic agreement with UPS where it developed a its shipping and logistics platform. UPS will be at the booth.

Drew Estate : Willy Herrera is teaming up with El Titan de Bronze to produce the Herrera Esteli Miami. The MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured line will add three new cigars featuring a candela wrapper –  Swamp Thang (2 sizes)and Swamp Rat. In addition new packaging will be unveiled around several ACID offerings. Undercrown and Undercrown Shade have line extensions, including the new Undercrown Shade Flying Pig. Drew Diplomat Retailers have an opportunity to secure Liga Privada No. 9 Flying Pigs, Liga Privada T52 Flying Pigs, and Liga Privada Unico Serie Velvet Rats. Finally, exclusive offerings for Deadwood Tobacco (Sweet Jane, Fat Bottom Betty, and Crazy Alice) will be going national.

Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust ♦: Steve Saka will have a busy show. There will be Mi Querida, Muestra de Saka, Sin Compromiso, Todos Los Dios, and Umbagog. Finally, there will be two new line extensions to Sobremesa.

Duran Cigars ♦: The company will launch its first Connecticut Shade cigar with Azan Blue Connecticut. In addition, a new blend under Neya called the Neya F8 Texas Tactical Lancero will be introduced.

MBombay ♦: The big launch will be around the new Gaaja – featuring tobacco from Paraguay.

Villiger North America ♦: Much of the focus will be on the re-launch of Villiger’s North American operations. The San Doro line will be showcased.

1502 Cigars: Enrique Sanchez will unveil the new 1502 Blue Sapphire.  There have been hints that several line extensions to 1502 XO could be announced.

262 Cigars ♦: No new product announcements were made.

Alec Bradley: No new product announcements have been made.

Altadis ♦: Most of the company’s product announcements are made when the trade show opens. Some products have been announced include the Montecristo Pilotico Pepe Mendez and the Romeo 505 Nicaragua.

A.J. Fernandez Cigars ♦:  The company is expected to do a full launch of Bellas Artes. The new Last Call Maduro will also have an official launch. Expect the recently released Last Call (Habano) to be showcased.

Alpha Cigar Company ♦: The company will launch six blends, three infused (Absinthe) and three traditional (Defuser).

Ashton Cigars: While there is expected to be new product to be announced, no formal announcements have been made

Asylum Cigars ♦: Asylum Nyctophilia Maduro has moved from a TAA release to a regular offering. There is also the recently released Asylum 13 Connecticut will be showcased. As for new product, the question is will we see another Asylum 33 offering?

Avo Cigars ♦: Avo Uvezian’s brand will focus around the recently released Avo Syncro Nicaragua Fogata.

Black Label Trading Company / Black Works Studio ♦: The brands under Fabrica Oveja Negra will launch Black Label Trading Company Bishops BlendBlack Works Studio will launch several new blends including: Killer Bee Green HornetS&R, Boondocks Saint, and Industry and line Extensions to Killer Bee and NBK.

Boutique Blends Cigars ♦: So far, 2016 has been a quieter year for Rafael Nodal’s company. This year the company will do a full launch of the Aging Room Solera line. There will also be the new Aging Room Pelo de Oro. Finally, the company will also unveil the return of its Oliveros brand.

Caldwell Cigar Company: Robert Caldwell’s company will launch Eastern Standard Maduro, a cigar made at Tabacalera Alianza called Anastasia. Finally, the company will distribute All Out Kings, the collaboration with Drew Estate.

Camacho Cigars ♦: The brand will highlight its recent Camacho Powerband and the new limited edition Brotherhood Series installment – Camacho Check Six.

Cattle Baron Cigars ♦: Bryan Mussard’s brand, done in conjunction with Phil Zanghi’s Debonaire House will be the Debonaire booth this year.

Chinnock Cellars Cigars ♦:  Brian Chinnock has said no new lines will be introduced, but he will bring back the very limited XOXO  which has been rebranded as TLP.

Cigar Rights of America :  The organization will role out its new Stamp Program for manufacturers. In addition, the 2016 Sampler pack will be on available to benefit the industry’s legal defense fund.

CLE Cigar Company ♦:  Christian Eiroa’s company is not expected to launch any new product but will showcase the CLE Prieto and CLE Chave.

Cordoba & Morales ♦: The company will showcase the new Finca Santa Fe and the Clave Cubana Etiquetra Short Robusto Box Pressed line extension.

Cornelius and Anthony ♦: The premium cigar division of S & M will showcase the new Venganza and revamped Meridian. In addition the recently released Cornelius and Daddy Mac will be front and center.

Crowned Heads: The Nashville, Tennessee based company will launch the new Le Carême and give a full launch to Las Mareas.

Crux Cigar Company ♦:  The company will introduce its new Connecticut Shade offering, Crux Epicure. In addition the second installment of the Crux Limitada series, the Crux Limitada Show Exclusive 2016 will be highlighted. Finally the new  Sports Dark and Skeeters Dark blend will be introduced.

Cubariqueno Cigar Company ♦: Juan Cancel and Bill Ives’ company will showcase the Protocol Probable Cause blend and Protocol Lancero line extension will highlighted.

Cubanacan ♦: No product announcements were made, but no booth has been listed either.

Cusano ♦: In the Davidoff booth, Cusano will get considerable attention as it has undergone a rebranding for 2016.  This includes Cusano Dominican ConnecticutCusano Dominican MaduroCusano Nicaragua Esteli, and a rebranded Cusano bundled cigar line.

D’Crossier Cigars ♦: Santana Diaz’s company will launch the Presidential Collection Pennsylvania Avenue. The Flor de D’Crossier line will see two new additions in the Flor de D’Crossier Cabinet Selection No.1 and the Flor de D’Crossier Enormous 360.

Davidoff ♦: The new Davidoff Yamasa will be front and center. Line extensions to Davidoff Escurio, Primeros / Cigarillos, and Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed will also be highlighted. The company is planning line extensions to its Davidoff Classic and Davidoff Gran Cru lines.

E.P. Carrillo ♦: Plans include a major revamping to the existing portfolio. The new Encore will be a part of the Family Series line along with La Historia. Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr’s company will launch the INCH Colorado.

EH Cigars: There have been no new announcements from Edgar Hoill’s brand.

Elogio Cigars ♦: The company is taking its Excentrico line to be a regular production offering.

Emilio Cigars: Questions still exist on the direction of the brand as the have been quiet for over 12 months.

Espinosa Cigars ♦: The company’s new Connecticut offering, the Espinosa Crema will be on display. In addition the Espinosa Alpha Dawg, a planned event cigar will be launched as a regular offering. The Warhead series has an new installment with the Warhead 3  In addition the Espinosa Habano Box Pressed Toro line extension will be launched while Murcielago will have a rounded offering with the Bouton. Finally the company will launch its first Infused Cigar with @zucar.

Esteban Carreras: At press time no new product announcements were made.

Ezra Zion Cigar Company ♦: The past year has seen the Texas-based company move to more of a small batch, limited production direct to consumer model. No word on product announcements at press time.

Foundation Cigar Company ♦: Nick Melillo will launch his first Broadleaf under Foundation Cigar – The Tabernacle. In addition, Melillo’s company will also showcase its new “The Upsetters” line. Finally, the value-priced  Charter Oak line will be introduced.

Fratello Cigars ♦: Omar de Frias’ company will formally unveil its new Connecticut offering, the Fratello Oro. In addition, the company has line extensions to Fratello Bianco including Fratello Bianco Boxer and Fratello Bianco IV.

General Cigar Company ♦: Most of the company’s product announcements are made when the trade show opens. Some products have been announced including the revamped CAO Sopranos release called CAO Consigliere. In addition there will be the new Macanudo Mao and a new Cohiba called Cohiba Macassar. See Torano Cigars for details on the Torano releases

Gran Habano ♦: Thus far the company has announced Persian King MaduroPrivate Humidor Selection, and the La Coleccion de Elegancia. The company is expected to formally launch La Conquesta, a cigar that has been passed around in pre-release.

Guayacan Cigars: While Noel Rojas’ company is expected to have new blends, no formal announcements were made.

Gurkha ♦: Kaizod Hainsotia’s company will have a busy show including the launch of the Cellar Reserve 21 Year, Pan American, Jubilee, Heritage Maduro, and line extensions to Ghost.

HR ♦: Now being distributed by Spencer Drake’s White Hat Tobacco, the original HR line will be highlighted including a new Corona Size and the new HR Claro and HR Blue lines.

IndianHead Cigars ♦: This is the company owned by Jochy Blanco. The current premium La Galera line will launch three new blends: La Galera 80th Anniversary Box Pressed Limited Edition, La Galera 1936 Box Pressed and La Galera Maduro. The current La Galera lines that include La Galera Habano and La Galera Connecticut will be also showcased. The company will also revamp several of the lines it acquired from Bill Bock.

Illusione Cigars: The company will be undergoing a major portfolio expansion, including the release of its 10th Anniversary line.

JC Newman Cigar Company: The Tampa-based company is expected to finally launch the long-awaited Diamond Crown Black Diamond.

JRE Cigars ♦: Julio and Justo Eiroa’s company will stand on their own this year and have an official launch for their company. Brands include Aladino, Tarascan, and Rancho Luna.

Joya de Nicaragua ♦: This year the company will release its first San Andres Joya branded cigar – the Joya Black. The company will also rebrand  Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie will be rebranded under the Joya line.

Kristoff: Glen Case’s company will showcase the new Pistoff Kristoff  along with the recently released Kristoff Connecticut and Kristoff Habano.

Kuuts LLC ♦: With Steven Ysidron the distribution company’s new CEO, the company will showcase its revamped eight blend portfolio.

La Barba Cigars : Now distributed by Caldwell Cigar Company, the company will introduce the “One and Only” and a revamped La Barba Red.

La Flor Dominicana: This company has been a little more quiet this year on its releases. They do plan on introducing the new Andalusian Bull. There also will be a La Nox Petite offering. As Litto Gomez told us on Stogie Geeks, there were also plans for a new Factory Press.

La Gran Llave ♦: The recently released La Gran Llave and the value-priced LGL Limited will be showcased.

La Palina Cigars: Bill Paley has informed Cigar Coop there will be several new lines launched at the 2016 IPCPR.

Las Cumbres Tabaco ♦: Jose Blanco and Emma Viktorsson will introduce box-pressed line extensions to Senorial Maduro and Freyja. In addition, there will be three new lines – Senorial CT (a Connecticut offering), Freyja Nocturnal (a maduro), and  Freyja 12 (a cigar commemorating 12 years of Viktorsson in the cigar industry)

Legacy Brands ♦: Victor Vitale has informed Cigar Coop his company will not be at this year’s trade show.

LH Cigars ♦: Nick Syris will bring new Corona, Churchill, and Petit Gordo line extensions to his three blends. He will also showcase the new lancero line extension which is now a regular offering.

Matilde Cigars ♦: Jose Seijas’ company will introduce the Matilde Quadrata, a box-pressed offering.

Maya Selva Cigars ♦: The company will highlight the new Flor de Selva Maduro Grand Presse. The new Flor de Selva packaging will also be highlighted.

Miami Cigar and Company ♦: Nestor Miranda’s company has been very quiet. It is expected the Nestor Miranda Collection will receive a Corojo blend, and the limited edition Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Lancero will be unveiled.

MLB Cigar Ventures ♦: It will be a busy year for Mike Bellody’s company as he showcases the Imperia Islero, Imperia Aventador, and the new David P. Ehrlich Tremont.

Mombacho Cigars SA ♦: The new Mombaoho 10th Anniversary Magnifico will be showcased. In addition there will be new packaging introduced for its regular production lines.

MoyaRuiz Cigars ♦: Danny Moya and Nelson Ruiz’s company will showcase its new Connecticut Shade cigar.  The duo also pays homage to the history of gambling with the Il Ridotto release. In addition, Civil Disobedience, the former event cigar is now a regular production cigar and will be highlighted. Finally the limited edition Cigar Dim Mak-The Death Touch will be showcased.

My Father: The ultra-premium, ultra-limited Garcia & Garcia will be showcased. There have been no other product announcements.

Nat Sherman ♦: The company will showcase a bunch of new cigars at the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show. Front and center will be the new Nat Sherman Metropolitan Habano line. In addition Nat Sherman will release a Nat Sherman Adding Gordo line extension to Metropolitan Connecticut and Metropolitan Maduro Lines. The company will launch its Robusto and Gordo line extension to the Timeless Collection.

Nomad Cigar Company ♦: Fred Rewey is expected to showcase his new Martial Law project being done in conjunction with Fabrica Oveja Negra.

Ohana Cigars ♦: Ryan Rodriguez’s company will showcase the Ohama Pulse at the NOA booth.

Oliva Cigar Company: Expect the new ownership of J. Cortès to be present. No official public announcements have been made, but it is expected there will be new product.

Quesada Cigars ♦: The company will launch the new Fonseca Nicaragua. In addition the company will offer an IPCPR only cigar with the Casa Magna Jalapa Claro. Finally, the company will also showcase the Oktoberfest 2016.

Padilla Cigar Company ♦:  The Cava Maduro will be introduced and Cava will receive new banding. In addition the Padilla 1932 Oscuro is returning. The Padilla Connecticut is also getting a facelift.

Padron Cigars: While the company will showcase the new 1964 Anniversary Padron Hermoso and the new Damaso line extensions, it isn’t clear if there will be a new product announced.

PDR Cigars ♦: The company will also unveil extensions to its AFR-75 brand including the new AFR-75 Claro. There also will be a  4 x 54 line extension to the original AFR-75 line called Catador. The company will also debut the A. Flores 1975 Gran Reserva Deflorado at 2016 IPCPR

Perdomo ♦: The company has not made any announcements, although on social media company Nick Perdomo has announced a return of the Perdomo2.

Primer Mundo Cigars ♦: Sean Williams returns to IPCPR and is expected to showcase the new El Primer Mundo 10 Year Anniversary.

Recluse Cigar Company : The company is launching nine new blends including: Recluse Amadeus Los CabosRecluse Amadeus RosadoRecluse Amadeus Corojo ReservaRecluse OTG Connecticut, and Recluse OTG Habano. The company will also launch lancero line extensions.

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars :  The company will launch the Rocky Patel Fifty-Five in honor of Rocky Patel’s 55th birthday. There will be a new brick and mortar exclusive called Special Edition. Finally, the company will unveil its first Dominican made cigar (made at General Cigar) called the Rocky Patel Dark Dominican.

RoMa Craft Tobac ♦: The Neanderthal SGP becomes regular production.  The company will also showcase the new CroMagnon Monolith, a package of Xikar Accessories and a special CroMagnon Timeline (5th Anniversary) cigar. While a shop exclusive for Famous Smoke Shop, we will most likely see the Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion 1794 on display.

Royal Agio Cigars ♦: The European-based company has three new line extensions to Balmoral Anejo XO

Selected Tobacco ♦: Nelson Alfonso’s brands will see the new Nelson launched as well as the Byron Siglo XXI Elegantes line extension.

Sacra Folium Cigar Company : This new company will launch five new blends made at Raices Cubanas.

Santiago Cigars ♦: Owner Roberto Lopez will showcase the Double Shot Energy Cigar.

Serino Cigar Company ♦: The premium cigar line by Tony Serino and made by Omar Gonzalez-Aleman will launch the four blends in the Serino Royale line.

Sindicato Cigars: The company will launch the Sindicato Particulares.

Sosa Cigars ♦: The company has stated they will not be at this year’s IPCPR Trade Show

Southern Draw Cigars ♦:  The company will not be at the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show.

Tatuaje: The launch of the Tatuaje Private Reserve Black Label as a regular production will take center stage. The Tatuaje Reserva K222 will most likely be showcased along with the Tatuaje Skinny Monsters. I would expect Tatuaje – The Krueger to be showcased and possibly the long-awaited La Verite 2003.

Ventura Cigar Company: The premium division of Phillips of King will unveil its new brand Archetype. One of the new lines Archetype Series B will be a collaboration with Drew Estate.

Viaje ♦: Andre Farkas has said the show will focus around the Juntos project (with Quesada) and his new birthday cigar. Satori, the cigar exclusive to those attending IPCPR will not be offered this year.

Viva Republica ♦: Jason Holly’s company has a new extension to its Warfare series called Art of War. In addition the company will showcase the new Ivy Cigar Company brand.

Warped Cigars ♦: Kyle Gellis’ company will showcase the Villa Sombra (a Connecticut Shade from TABSA), Maestro del Tiempo and Corto X46 (the new size to the Corto line)

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